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In addition to all the activities Kedrion undertakes to research, develop and market its plasma-derived products, it also offers a range of services to interested external partners.

First among these – and a model for future collaborations worldwide – is our partnership with the Italian National Health Service, for which we provide a fundamental partnership at all levels of operation in establishing self-sufficiency in plasma-derived therapies.

In addition, both inside and outside Italy, Kedrion offers prospective partners and collaborators:

  • Contract Manufacturing, through which we take on a variety of activities (e.g., plasma fractionation, product research and development) for other companies and countries, often while helping them to develop their own capacities.
  • Technology Transfer to support the development of domestic self-sufficiency for the manufacture of plasma-derived products.
  • Services of the Biological Safety Centre in establishing and maintaining highest levels of safety within the  pharmaceutical and other biological sectors.